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Sophia Dassyra, MA

Having worked for more than 20 years in research, management and consulting and having met people from all walks of life, different cultures, age groups, genders and religions, I have come to a fundamental, yet simple, realisation.

We all strive for contentment, fulfilment and growth, but often, we take the exact opposite direction in our quest of a happy life. Although easier said than done, a mentality shift is all that it takes. It’s not just what happens to us but our perception of what happens to us that defines our experience. We construct suffering out of ideas, stories, hypothetical scenarios, judgements & expectations. We make a lot of effort to grasp on happy feelings / conditions and avoid unhappy ones, but we are rarely aware of the space beneath them, i.e. the essential, eloquent & joyful nature of our own mind; that is only recognised by practicing deliberate attention to the present moment.


Happiness is a cultivable skill, a stable state of mind; it is already there, inherent in us, but obscured by automatic & habitual styles of thinking and behaving. 

I have studied Psychology and Communication at Lancaster University, UK and hold a postgraduate degree in Medical Anthropology from Ruprecht-Karls-Universität in Heidelberg, Germany. I have been practicing meditation since the early 1990’s. Since 2016 I have become certified as an Interpersonal Mediator accredited by Ofqual & CIArb UK, and as a Mindfulness Instructor, compliant with BAMBA, the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches. I hold a Mindfulness Trainer certification from Timeless Impact Academy in Germany, which enables me to train future trainers. In 2021 I completed my training as a Gestalt Coach at Gestalt Foundation. 


I work, equally fluently, in Greek & English.


What is it that you really want? Listen to yourself. Be present. Be Here, Now.


“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep”.

- Rumi

“I suggest that if you were able to focus your attention at will, you could actually choose the universe you appear to inhabit.”.

- B. Alan Wallace, The Attention Revolution: Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind

“ There is darkness when the sun’s primordial brightness is completely obscured by clouds, and there is brightness when the clouds vanish. Despite this apparent increase and decrease, it is impossible for the sun’s essence to increase or decrease.”

- Roberts, Peter Alan. Mahamudra and Related Instructions (Library of Tibetan Classics, Vol. 5, p. 85). Wisdom Publications.

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