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Sophia Dassyra - Advisory Services



I provide expert advice & guidance to businesses & organisations to improve their performance, solve problems, & achieve operational & organisational advancement. I am a certified Gestalt Practitioner in Organisations (GPO); I work closely with my clients to identify their specific needs & provide customised solutions to address those needs.


I mainly focus on two areas:

  •  As a GPO I offer one-on-one or group counselling sessions to help employees & leadership teams identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. 


  • Organisational Development: I can help businesses & organisations optimise their organisational structure, improve communication, & increase employee engagement & productivity.


My theoretical approach: Gestalt in Organisations


Gestalt in organisations is an approach to coaching & organisational development that is based on the principles of Gestalt psychology. This approach views organisations as complex systems made up of interrelated parts, & emphasises the importance of recognising & addressing the relationships between these parts.


In Gestalt methodology, the focus is on helping organisations to become more aware of their patterns of behaviour & interactions; to make changes that promote growth, development, & effectiveness. This can involve a range of interventions, including individual & group coaching, team building, & leadership development.


One key principle of Gestalt for organisations is the concept of "here & now" awareness. This involves focusing on the present moment & the current situation, rather than getting bogged down in past events or future concerns. By developing this awareness, organisations can become more responsive & agile to changing circumstances & better able to adapt & innovate.


Another key principle is the importance of the whole system. This means that organisations should be viewed as a whole, rather than as a collection of separate parts. By understanding the relationships between different parts of the organisation & how they impact each other, organisations can make more effective decisions & create more cohesive & efficient teams.


Overall, Gestalt for organisations is a holistic approach to organisational interventions that emphasises the importance of awareness, relationships, & the whole system. By applying these principles, organisations can become more effective, proficient, resourceful & responsive to changing circumstances.

Gestalt Coaching in Organisations

Gestalt in Organisations


"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." - Aristotle

This quote is often used in Gestalt psychology to describe the idea that we should view things as a whole, rather than just clusters of individual parts. In organisations, this concept can be applied to emphasise the importance of considering the organisation as a total entity, rather than just a collection of individual employees, departments, or tasks. By taking a holistic approach to organisational development and problem-solving, we can create a more integrated and collaborative workplace culture that is better able to achieve its goals.
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